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Tech Mavens helps start-ups, scaleups, and enterprise clients grow their applied AI, Machine Learning, and Data teams by hiring and retaining rockstar talent!

We are a niche tech recruiter with the experience and credibility of supporting leadership (CxO, Engineering, Science, Ops) hires right across to individual (niche) contributors. The depth of our market knowledge enables us to be innovative and creative in providing solutions specific to your business needs.

We create long-lasting relationships with our candidates based on trust and mutual respect, whether you are an Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning engineer, Research Scientist, or Chief Innovation Officer we can provide unique insight and unparalleled access to your future career.

Our clients want access to the best talent in complex and fast-moving markets - and that’s what we provide. We keep up to date with market trends and competition and use our network and experience to deliver on our promise of identifying the right talent solution(s) for our clients.

Offering a level of service and determination to find the right people, we are unrivalled amongst our competitors.

Connect with us today for your next career move or to hire your next superstar!

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